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Optical inspection of sewer piping
by the means of camera

Protocol of canalization optical inspection [jpg]

... is the most effective way of piping status detection and occurring failures disclosure. Their subsequent repair is therefore noticeably cheaper. That is why regular inspection is economically convenient. By using this method you may uncover the following pertinent risks in time:

The inspection output performed by inspection camera is a video documenting all deficiencies including data regarding their location. Further on, we will issue an inspection protocol, where you will also be informed about the data regarding the whole section gradient. The protocol is supplemented with photo-documentation of failures. This document often serves as a background to new distribution systems approval. We will prepare a video as well as protocol for our customers on site and it shall be done within few minutes after inspection finalization.

TV inspection camera system enables the following:

If the inspection uncovers problems disclosure, do not despair. We will take care of the repair.

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Camera with optical inspection of canalization [jpg]  Program compiling the inspection outputs is a part of delivery - screenshot [jpg]